«Small innovative enterprise «EKOM» LLC at the XVI Siberian-Far Eastern exhibition of breeding sheep and goats

“«Small innovative enterprise «EKOM» LLC at the
XVI Siberian-Far Eastern exhibition of breeding sheep and goats

«Small Innovative Enterprise «EKOM» LLC took part in the XVI Siberian-Far Eastern Exhibition of breeding sheep and goats on June 5 and 6, 2019.
The exhibition was held in Ulan-Ude in the territory of the Ulan-Ude Industrial Park.
Twenty-six farms from six regions of the country took part in the exhibition: the Altai Republic, the Altai and Trans-Baikal regions, the Republics of Khakassia, Tyva and Buryatia.
«SIE «EKOM» LLC has presented not only the products made from sheepskin and fur raw materials, but also its main innovative developments in the field of sheep processing, collagen-containing waste and its new direction – sheepskin leather production.
Staff of «SIE «EKOM» LLC at the exhibition
The presented exposition of MIP ECOM LLC aroused great interest from the participants of the exhibition, in particular, the Director of the Department of animal husbandry and breeding of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia, Kharon Amerkhanov.
Amerkhanov Kh.A. at the exhibition with samples of products of «SIE «EKOM» LLC
Negotiations were held with the Chief executive of the Buryat Research Institute of Agriculture doctor of biological Sciences, Professor L. V. Budazhapov on the use of the biologically-active preparation developed in «SIE «EKOM» LLC for seed pelleting of agricultural plants in order to increase their stability in the dry period.
Bio preparations for seed processing
On June 6, a round table was held on the topic «Prospects for the development of sheep raw material and wool processing in the Republic of Buryatia». The report was made by the Director of «SIE «EKOM» LLC Shalbuev DM. V. on the topic «About the processing of sheepskin and fur raw materials in the Republic of Buryatia». During the presentation, the main stages and achievements of a small enterprise in the field of processing sheepskin and fur raw materials were shown, as well as the basic directions implemented within the framework of the international ERASMUS+ project «Establishment of Leather Hubs in Russia and Mongolia». The project focuses on strengthening and enhancing the role of universities in creating innovative potential, technology transfer, and commercialization of applied research results in the field of raw leather processing at enterprises in Russia and Mongolia.
There was also a presentation of educational programs implemented at the Department of Leather and Fur Technology, Water and Commodity Management.”



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