Russian Leather and Footwear Industries Association is 25 years old

“The anniversary Congress of the Russian Leather and Footwear Industries Association, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Association was held on May 23, 2019 in Moscow, in the Congress center of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The Congress of the RLFIA was attended by the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, Customs Service, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, representatives of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation as well as members of the scientific and educational community.
The Congress discussed issues related to the development of the leather and footwear industries in Russia, as well as the tasks and problems they face. Representatives of Federal ministries, departments, structures, and heads of leather and footwear enterprises of the industry addressed the participants of the Congress.
The Head of the Department of Leather and Fur Technology, Water and Commodity Management, doctor of technical sciences, prof. Shalbuev D. V. took part in the Congress on behalf of the East Siberian State University of Technology and Management. He gave a report on a topic “”On cooperation between ESSUTM and RLFIA in the training of students studying in «Leather and fur technology».
Department of Leather and Fur Technology, Water and Commodity Management, ESSUTM has been cooperating with the Russian Leather and Footwear Industries Association for more than twenty years, which provides assistance, support and assistance in the following areas:
Providing places for students to practice at various levels;
Assistance in employment of graduates;
Support for the educational process;
Assistance in promoting innovative developments of the Department;
Representation of the interests of the Department at the federal and international levels.

RLFIA provides financial support and is a permanent participant of the International scientific and practical conference “”Leather and fur in the XXI century: technology, quality, technology, education””.
The report showed the role of RLFIA in the formation of the Department in the Russian leather market, assistance in the development of the project under the ERASMUS program+ «Establishment of Leather Hubs for training leather producers in Russia and Mongolia». This project focuses on strengthening and enhancing the role of universities in creating innovative potential, technology transfer, and commercialization of applied research results in the field of raw leather processing at enterprises in Russia and Mongolia.
Within the framework of the report, a presentation of the innovative technology “”Barguzin”” was made, which allows to significantly minimize the anthropogenic impact on the environment. The presented technology can be used in the production of leather for top footwear, lining, clothing and glove leather.
On behalf of the ESSUTM administration, Alexandra Grigoryevna Andrunakievich, General Director of RLFIA, was awarded the ESSUTM Certificate of Honor for long-term and fruitful activity.

As a result of participation in the Congress, negotiations were held with a number of leaders of tanneries to assist in promoting the main provisions of the scientific and educational center for leather technologies in Russia and Mongolia (ERASMUS+ project), providing places for students to undertake the work experience internship and the introduction of innovative technology “”Barguzin””, taking into account the specifics of each specific enterprise in the industry.
Photo with the General Director of RLFIA A. G. Andrunakievich

ESSUTM students during the work experience internship at the tannery in Ostashkov city”